If you are a certified Aromatherapist who obtained your certification through an approved school provided by the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) or the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) then we want you to join the Chataroma team.
Chataroma is a revolutionary platform that was specifically developed with the Aromatherapist in mind. Our intentional design lowers the transactional costs to connect you to essential oil users looking for qualified and professional answers to their aromatherapy questions. The platform provides an unparalleled level of convenience for essential oil users to quickly find a certified Aromatherapist and instantly chat via video, audio, or text.

  1. You get instant exposure for your services and knowledge.
  2. We build your clientele base so you can focus on what you do best and like most… Aromatherapy.
  3. Our Aromatherapists make at least $45 per hour of service (see our economic model below)
  4. Your participation in Chataroma helps create needed awareness in our industry for safety, uses, and benefits of essential oils.
  5. You get to work in your pajamas :). Chataroma eliminates the need for customers to meet you in your office. Easily connect via the Chataroma website via live video, audio, or text.
  1. Click below to register your account
  2. Upload your Aromatherapy certification
  3. Complete your profile and set your availability in our online calendar

Whenever you are logged into our website, essential oil users will see a green light next to your profile indicating that you are online and available to take a session. Live sessions are preferred over scheduled sessions as, ideally, essential oil users should gain quick and competent answers to their questions whenever those questions cross their mind. However, scheduled sessions are also available to essential oil users to request from you according to your set schedule.

Our goal at Chataroma is to meet the work needs of each of our approved Aromatherapists by driving traffic to our site, creating interest in your services and knowledge, and maximizing the available hours you are dedicating to working on the platform. Chataroma is a new concept in beta mode and we understand it will take time to build an audience and achieve a critical mass of organic growth. Our first Aromatherapists to join the platform gain some advantages over other Aromatherapists that join once we are out of beta.

Start with the 4 P’S — Be Professional. Be Punctual. Be Prepared. Be Personal

  1. Be Professional. As a Chataroma Aromatherapist it is extremely exhilarating to be sitting in front of your computer in your home office waiting to take your first live video consultation and your computer starts ringing. A lot has happened to get to this point, but primarily it means that you have been identified by Chataroma as an asset to our team and approved to engage in a one on one environment with an essential oil user that respects you for your experience and esteems you for your knowledge and schooling. It’s likely the user has searched through many Aromatherapist profiles and they selected you. With this understanding, you should ensure that the experience you provide to the client is as professional as possible. This means the environment you are working from is distraction free and your attire is representative of how you would dress as if this client were coming to meet you in person in your professional office space. An unprofessional experience for the client will likely result in a negative review for your profile.
  2. Be Punctual. If you choose to open your online calendar to allow clients to schedule a chat with you in the future, it is imperative that you are at least 5 minutes early for that session. That means you are in front of your computer and logged into your Chataroma account 5 minutes before the actual session starts. If you are unable to make a scheduled session because of unforeseen circumstances that can arise, please be sure to notify the client in advance and assist them in rescheduling. An incomplete scheduled session that occurs because of the tardiness of an Aromatherapist will likely result in a negative review for your profile and a corporate warning or suspension of your Chataroma account.
  3. Be Prepared. Clients have the option to fill out a wellness profile. The profile will give you the opportunity to learn about the client before dialoguing with them through Chataroma. Because clients pay for the minutes talking to you, and they can choose to extend their session if they desire, we want to make sure that the time they are entrusting to us is as productive as possible. Knowing everything you can about the client will assist you in this effort and the client will appreciate you respecting their time and money. A prepared Aromatherapist will be noticed and appreciated by the client and will likely result in a positive review.
  4. Be Personal. Essential oil users will have multiple options to choose from when selecting an Aromatherapist to chat. Our Chataroma team, which includes you as an Aromatherapist, all work towards the same bigger picture goal in educating the mass public on the benefits and uses of essential oils, however, the platform design and community rating system create a balanced level of competition among our Aromatherapists. We encourage our Aromatherapists to find ways to be personal and provide a memorable consultation such that the client would want to seek out the Aromatherapist on subsequent visits to Chataroma. A positive chat session with a personal touch will likely earn you 5 star ratings across the board.

Chataroma is a pay per chat service and essential oil users only pay for those minutes they are connected to the service. Our Aromatherapists collect 75% of all revenues billed to the clients.
Minutes are billed in 10 minute increments at the price of $9.95 or 20 minute increments at the price of $19.95. When users initiate a chat, they are prompted to select between “Ask a quick question” (10 minute session) or “Learn a little more” (20 minute+ session).
If the user chooses ask a quick questions, they are agreeing to pay for at least a 10 minute session. If their quick question takes less than 10 minutes, Chataroma still pays the Aromatherapist for a full 10 minute session. For example, let’s say a client initiates and concludes a session with an Aromatherapist after 5 minutes. The client would be billed $9.95 for that session and the Aromatherapist would collect $7.50 for the 5 minute session.
If the user chooses “Learn a little more” they agree to billing in 20 minute increments. The user is billed $19.95 initially and if the session continues into minute 21 then their card would be billed for the next 20 minute block.
Assuming every connected chat ended exactly on the 10 minute or 20 minute time allotment, then the Aromatherapist would collect a minimum of $45 per hour. However, in practice, real earnings per hour can exceed $100.

In a recent poll among thousands of essential oil users, the number one source where users wish to receive their essential oil advice is from a Certified Aromatherapist. In the same poll, 40% of our respondents acknowledged they would be willing to pay for information from our Certified Aromatherapists.
Chataroma’s mechanism for viral growth and user adoption is tied to our “Free Session” promotion for first time users. The Chataroma experience is new and many people won’t know what to expect when initiating their first chat. By allowing one free 10 minute session for first time users, we are lowering the risk for new users to try out the service.
Our Aromatherapists can choose whether they want to accept or decline free sessions from first time users each time that they log into the platform. The Aromatherapists that are willing to offer free sessions for first time users are likely to engage with more potential long term clients. In the early stages of Chataroma, we encourage Aromatherapists to offer free chats and help us promote mass adoption of the platform. Free chat sessions still qualify for a user rating so it can be a great way for new Aromatherapists to build their reputation among the community.

What does beta mode mean?
Chataroma beta is our acknowledgement that our new platform is in its infancy and we are actively developing the code base. Thank you for being part of the beta launch. If you have any feedback for our team on how we can improve the platform please direct it to [email protected]

Can I apply if I am in the process of finishing my certification?
Congratulations on your efforts and desire to become a certified Aromatherapist. We are excited to be able to work with you. Please do not apply until your certification is complete and we can verify your schooling.

Why does Chataroma allow users to try the service free?
As a new type of service we have developed the free service promotion to help essential oil users discover a unique and fun way to get professional answers to their questions. As new users experience the convenience and ease of chatting with a Certified Aromatherapist, they will be more likely to return to the service and pay to get their questions quickly answered in the future.

Am I required to offer free sessions to new users?
No, our Aromatherapists do not have to accept free sessions from new users. When you log into your Chataroma account, simply toggle off the free sessions button at the bottom of the page.

How many free sessions can I offer?
There is no limit to the number of free sessions our Aromatherapists offer. We encourage you to only accept free sessions as you begin building your client base. If you are as busy as
you would like to be taking paid chats through the platform, there would be no reason to make yourself available for free chats as well.

As a Chataroma Aromatherapist, am I an employee of the company?
No, you are an independent contractor and you are paid W9 income that Chataroma reports to the IRS at the end of each calendar year. Our Aromatherapists are responsible for reporting their income to the IRS.

Can I cancel a booking I have previously confirmed?
Yes you can, however, you may be at risk of receiving a negative review for cancelling an already confirmed session. Please be sure to communicate with confirmed clients if you have a need to cancel or reschedule a session.

How do I collect my earned commissions?
Aromatherapists can request their earned income at anytime by logging into their Chataroma account, clicking on the “Payments” tab, and then clicking on “Request Withdrawal.” Currently, Aromatherapists may request a mailed check or a Paypal deposit.
Direct bank deposits coming soon.

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