Our Company

The essential oil industry is ever-expanding. As the demographic of essential oil users grows, so does the demand for certified Aromatherapists. Chataroma aims to meet this demand and bridge the gap between traditional medicine and natural remedies. So often an essential oil user will enter the world of Aromatherapy and find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of safety protocol that must be adhered to, as well as the vastness of oils available for a myriad of ailments.
The fact that most family physicians are not at all versed in natural remedies or essential oils is an unfortunate fact that we are working to change. Chataroma exists to ease this transition for individuals as well as families who are working to make traditional medicine the alternative medicine. Here at Chataroma, we feel that no one should be denied quality care at the hand of a certified Aromatherapist for any reason. With our easy-to- use platform, the days of not being able to afford or make time for appointments with a certified Aromatherapist are behind you. The days of immediate assistance with any problem, complete with safe recommendations tailored to your needs have arrived.
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