Carolyn Wood
(10 reviews)
FL/Titusville, United States - 2 years experience - Specialize in General
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Meet Carolyn

Master Aromatherapist
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Member of National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Master Herbalist
Diplomate in Holistic Healthcare Practice
Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant

As an HHP & Clinical Aromatherapist I enjoy improving the quality of one's life through natural or alternative modalities. I have been using essential oils for over 25 years and have knowledge in all areas from babies to elderly to animals.I currently hold a Diploma in Aromatherapy as a Master Aromatherapist, Diploma as Master Herbalist, Diploma in Holistic Health Practice, AAS in Complimentary Alternative Medicine/Health & Wellness, and I am a Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant. I studied Western Medicine but realized Alternative Medicine was my passion. It is both an honor and a blessing to educate, recommend, and support Essential Oil users in their journey.

Recent Reviews


-Aden Lambert


Carolyn was such a huge help and gave a few oil recipes that we will definitely be trying! I would definitely speak with her again in the future!
-Shayne Davis


Carolyn was very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Thank you
-Angelica Ramos-Smith


A great introduction to the service. Carolyn answered my initial question and then made suggestions for the items I indicated on my questionnaire. She was very helpful.
-Jennifer Reaves


Carolyn was very sweet and helpful. She gave me a great blend that should help with inflammation and relief from gout.
-Desiree Davis


It is great to have some expertise on the matter.. because it is a lot of information in the internet and people think that essential oils are easy to use but they are medicinal .. they have to be used with care and with professional people that study about it..
-Marlyn Jaramillo


I had a wonderful experience speaking with Carolyn Wood! She gave me advice on oils for acid reflux, as well as how to use those oils most appropriately. Thank you!
-Stephen Smarr


Shes great! Lots of great info!
-Lisa Gober


Excellent Chat!
-Onboarding Specialist


-Onboarding Specialist