Yumei Silva
(3 reviews)
Richmond, United States - 8 years experience - Specialize in General
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Meet Yumei

As an Aromatherapy and Herbal practitioner, I have had extensive training and clinical experiences of both internal and external applications of essential oils.
Stress, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, depression are my areas of focus. Musculoskeletal pain can find relief from using certain essential oils. I have had extensive experiences of using essential oils for children. Skin care is another area that I have had success with essential oils.
Let's chat and see which essential oils resonate with you and address your health concerns.
Check out my website for more details: www.pure-ssential.com

Recent Reviews


Yumei answered all my questions brilliantly! It was a pleasure to chat with her! I can't wait to test the mixtures she recommended.
-Dixie Schrum


Excellent experience! She was able to answer my questions and provide recipe blends to help with my skin care issues.
-Amanda Russell


Cannot wait to try the blend she suggested!!!!
-Lori McDole