Lisa Crawford
(2 reviews)
Michigan, Beverly Hills, United States - 10+ years experience - Specialize in Relaxation
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Meet Lisa

I have been a Certified Aromatherapist for over 10 years. I use essential oils for general pain relief, muscle pain,
relaxation, headaches, and energy balancing. My practice also includes clinical massage therapy with a focus on spinal cord, brain injury and sports rehabilitation. I have been a massage therapist for 20 years.
When it comes to Aromatherapy, safety is always first. Less works better than more. There are many oils with the same or similar properties. So, based on the conern at hand and the individuals peference, there is most certainly a blend that will meet the desired outcome.
I blend and sell personalized aromatherapy products online.

Recent Reviews


Lisa is AMAZING! She is very pleasant, very knowledgeable and really helped me to narrow down the oils I need to explore regarding my specific situation - can't wait to implement her tips and recommendations!
-Salena R


Wonderful experience!
-Jackie Mallett